Universal Religion

Unto The Readers. The word 'Religion used to incorporate 'Universal' aspect in it, or in other words, a true religion has to be a universal religion. However, just as "ghee" today means anything other than pure ghee, unless we used the word 'pure' with it (even then we have our doubts); similarly religion today means anything but purity and sublimity! It is, therefore, but natural for any one to become allergic to the word 'religion', as it hides under its Umbrella, -- 'motives' and religion has been one major cause of world-wide bloodshed and hatred. In spite of all this, there is a concept of 'Universal Religion' that generates universal brotherhood of mankind, who are elevated to become God-Men. These pure, illuminated, blessed Souls will eventually rule the entire world - thus goes the prophecy. It is this concept of Universal Religion that Bauji Jaswant Singh Ji 'Khoji' is explaining in the pages that follow. In the conclusion, he sums up the essence of all religions in the life motto: 'LOVE FOR ALL & MALICE TOWARDS NONE'.

As also explained in Gurbani: 'MAN APNE TE BURA MITAN PEKHE SAGAL SRISHT SAJNA'. And again, 'NA KO BERI NAHE BEGANA SAGAL SANG HAM KO BAN AAEE'. Renowned Urdu poet Iqbal wrote on religion: 'MAZHAB NAHIN SIKHATA AAPAS MEN WAIR RAKHNA'. True religion is an art of living and has many facets. Guru Nanak simplified it in 'naam japo, wand chhako', to propagate the message of universal brotherhood. He not only traveled over 50,000 miles across the world, but also lived that way himself, till his last breath. In Japuji, He advised to attune ourselves to His Sweet Will. He similized the devotion of seeker or bhakta to love of 'lotus' for water: 'RE MAN AISI HAR SIO PREET KAR JAISI JAL KAMLEH! Guru Arjun has defined the best religion as 'HAR KO NAM JAP, NIRMAL KARM'. According to Guru Teg Bahadur, the essentials of all religions are fulfilled by singing 'Hari Kirtan. Guru Gobind Singh declared the Universal Truth of attaining God through 'sincere love': 'SACH KAHON SUN LEHE SABHEY JIN PREM KIO TIN-HEE PRABH PAYO'. The disciple is a missionary and temple of learning, as he is living True Religion. He has always a mission, a yearning to serve others and lead them across the turbulent sea of life. He, himself, is totally engrossed in the lotus feet of the Lord, His Master, never bothering either for material gains or even salvation. Leaving all egos, he surrenders himself completely to his Master, and thus he attains the status of a 'BHAGTA'. Gurbani recommends us to fully depend on such personalities and even to surrender our 'whole-self' to them: 'MAN MERE TIN KE AUT LEH MAN TAN APNA TIN JAN DEH' 'Universal Religion' is a 'Love-gift' to all seekers by one such Illuminated Soul. By his skill, he effortlessly leads the seeker to the destination. Here is an action plan to enjoy the life of a BHAGTA. Follow it under his guidance.

Sindri, J.P.Nanda
August 1986
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