Posted on 30th June 2016

You have done some plain speaking and raised some pertinent questions and asked me to guide and help your soul.

So, you enjoyed some inspiring experiences of Divine Grace in the sangat. These spiritual experiences are very valuable & rare spiritual Flashes which comes when your soul fly into the infinite skies of Divine Grace where you lose your consciousness of ‘Maya’ & the ‘illusive’ hamY (Ego) of lower self.

This is genuine Divine Grace for which we have not worked or deserved, nor aspired and yearned! The beauty of such Flashes of Divine Grace is that –they come in spite of our degenerated ‘Mayic ’life!

We had not cultivated suitable ‘soul-ground’ for such Divine Grace. So the ‘seed’ of Divine Consciousness’ does not take roots in our consciousness, and soon we slip back into the world of ‘Maya’. If we had worked hard, aspired, yearned and cried for this Grace- our soul would be prepared to receive it with extreme gratitude and humility, and the experience of Divine benevolence, compassion, Love and Grace would stick and take root in our cultivated soul, and prevent it from slipping back into the world of illusive Maya & hamY (Ego) .

The following illustration will elucidate this point!

‘Baby’ plays with filthy and harmful things and would not give them up in spite of mothers warning & scolding. Then the wise mother holds out a glittering attractive toy to distract baby’s attention from the filthy toys. The baby tries to reach out for the attractive toy and forget the filthy one!

We are all the children of God. In our ignorance we play with filthy and harmful toys of materialism and Maya. When all preaching’s & sermon’s fail to distract us from polluted & harmful things of Maya- the Grace takes pity on sincerely aspiring souls and dazzle our consciousness with his sweet Effulgent Grace. For a moment we forget our lower-self and also the illusive Maya.

This sudden Glimpse of the Divine Realm is meant to strengthen our faith in spirituality and to prove that Maya & hamY (Ego) has no existence in the Divine Realm. But due to our deeply ingrained Mayic consciousness-we soon forget the Divine lesson and slip back into the quagmire of Maya. This is the usual experience of most of the aspiring souls.

All the souls are projections of Divine soul and the Law of attraction or ‘Love’ is ingrained in the core of every soul.

When the pure air of the upper atmosphere descend on the Earth it becomes impure with the impurities of the earth atmosphere.

Similarly when our consciousness descend from the Divine Realm in the Egoistic world of maya- the ingrained ‘spiritual Love’ too get diluted , polluted and depraved with our egoistic thoughts, feelings and emotions

The Pure Divine Love is so infatuating and intoxicating that our lower consciousness is absorbed in the ecstasy of blissful spiritual experience.

The Divine Love is also infinite, universal and self-sacrificing and self-absorbing – where there can be no trace of hamY (Ego) & it’s vicious trail!

On the other hand we live in the consciousness of Mayic world- which is the plane of ‘duality’ – ‘dUjw Bwa’ of opposite elements of ‘Love & Hate’, happiness & sorrow etc etc.

This duality is essential to run the Universal drama of maya.

In one of your recent letters you were so depressed confuse, frustrated with the dual elements of ‘Love & Hate’- making you to cry in desperation and you asked me for my guidance and help!

To understand and grasp the sensitive intricacies of these contradictory elements of so called human & divine love. We have to analyse and comprehend what Love really is?

The sun is the source of sunshine- which project in sun rays and provide the universe with energy, heat etc.

Similarly God is the only source of ‘Spiritual Love’ the golden Thread of which runs through the Universe to bind it together & sustain it.

The pull between the particles of the universe is called Gravity.

Our soul is the ‘seed’ of ‘Divinity’ –hence the divine love attracts & pulls all souls towards to its source ‘God’ and also towards other souls. But the strong pull of the glittering Mya, with its elements of ‘hamY’ i.e. Í’ ‘Me’ & mine distract us from our inherent source of Love i.e. God.

The egoistic consciousness of hamY (Ego) comprise ‘duality’- i.e. Law of opposites. This means the seed of one element is inlaid in the opposite element. Therefore it is obvious that when we seek ‘happiness’ it will eventually be followed by sorrow! Similarly when we enjoy ‘Love’- we must be prepared for ‘hatred’ as well!

This ‘Law of opposites’ belongs to, and work in our egoistic consciousness only. In the spiritual Realm there is no opposite law –hence no ‘sorrow or hate’ etc.

The so called love of the egoistic world is selfish, limited, polluted, changeable and illusive and subject to the ‘law of opposites’. Therefore such limited, possessive Love creates all kinds of lower instinct or doubts, anger indignation -hate etc. etc. such possessive love is fact ‘attachments’ ‘moh’ which is the source of all the miseries of the world. Therefore the possessive love is limited, polluted, impure, illusive, selfish, false, harmful and dangerous! jgq mY JUTI dyKI pRIiq ]

But the world is caught in this ‘possessive Love’ i.e. ‘moh’ and take it as ‘Divine Love’! But the ‘Divine Love’ is infinite Universal, pure, unselfish and self-absorbing.

It is ironic that people who have continuously most of the life in ‘sangat’ should fall easy prey to such ‘possessive Love’ in ‘moh’ and suffer the inevitable opposite results and that too many times over!!

Mother can love her own children. This means she has limited and polluted the Gift of ‘Divine Love’, inherent in her soul and turned it into ‘moh’ –against which gurbani has warned us so emphatically.

The Divine Love, like sunshine is infinite and universal and is ____to every soul when it comes bask in the cosy sunshine of divine Effulgence and Grace.

You want exclusive response from gurmukh i.e. you desire to enslave him in your own ‘possessive love’!! You are aware that he is the beloved of so many other souls and everyday wants to possess him!

If he tries to respond to everyone’s ‘Love’-what will be his fate? He will be torn into pieces by these ‘love vultures’!!! In addition the so called ‘lovers’ will be burning & torturing themselves with jealousy, anger, indignation & hatred! Perhaps you know that he is trying to transcend this ‘moh’ and enter the plane of ‘Universal Love’ but in your blind ‘moh’ – you all are pulling him down and obstructing his flights to the higher consciousness It is sacrilegious to think that such ‘possessive love’ or ‘moh’ is real ‘Divine Love’.

In the company of enlightened souls- the gravity of Maya is non existing and our souls are attached and pulled into the magnetic spiritual field – where we enjoy the bliss of Divine Effulgence & grace.

On the other hand, when we go out of the spiritual Aura the blissful experience of higher plane fades away & the Mayic instincts are re-awakened.

But when we come in contact with higher souls of opposite, we desire to possess him or her with our possessive love and our latent strong negative instincts are aroused which pollute the spiritual Aura, and the process of degeneration is activated.

When our soul is attracted & pulled into higher consciousness we develop pure Love, devotion & faith for the Enlightened soul i.e. the ‘Master, and loose the lower consciousness of ‘body &sex’. This state of higher consciousness can only be sustained by ‘cooking through the body and recognising & identifying the sublimity of the ‘Master’.

Pure devotion & faith are the conditions of ’communion’ between master &disciple.. When this sublime relationship changes into ‘possessive love’ or ‘moh’ – the love & faith are weakened or clouded , and the flow of divine grace from the ‘Master’ to the ‘Disciple’ is obstructed or completely stopped. Therefore the sublime relationship between the ‘Master’ and the ‘disciple’ is ceased & there can be no ‘lyvw dyvI’ (communion) on the higher plane. This sublime relationship is then degenerated into romance or ‘Possessive Love’ or ‘moh’!!

The heat of the sun provide the cosmos in modified forms- and can be ignited by a spark, and transmuted into flame. Similarly the spark of Divine Love is seeded and lies latent in every soul – which can be ignited by Divine spark of nwm (nam) from an enlightened soul.

This flame of ‘Divine Love ‘or ‘nwm’ is pure effulgent & Grace of God and descend on the aspiring soul who yearn and cry for it.

But we are more concerned with our ‘hamY’ and our life revolve around ‘Me & Mine’ – our love & faith is superfluous & showy – pwKMf . We do not sincerely and truly aspire, yearn & cry for his Love –alone!

Our possessive Love i.e. ‘moh’ wants response and satisfaction because we think the this is ‘My Love’.

This is blasphemy!

‘Love’ belongs to god alone and we all have to respond to the Gracious Love of God. This response is possible only through our ‘pure impersonal Love’.

In fact when the Grace of God descend on an Aspiring soul – it is attracted & puled spontaneously towards the source of Lovelier God.

When the aspiring soul is filled with Divine Love – the fragrance of Divine Love spreads out through him like St. Francis & Puran Singh.

In this Divine –Romance –the soul aspires and desires nothing except more & more of Divine Bliss & Grace, and is lost in the ecstasy of blissful Divine Love.

In contrast the possessive Love or ‘moh’ is conditional and selfish as it wants response, exclusive possession & self-gratification.

On the other hand Divine Love is entails self-surrender, self –sacrifice & self—inhalation in the ocean of Divine Love.

The possessive limited ‘Love’ or ‘moh’ can be transmuted into universal Love by going up our ‘body-consciousness’ and concentrating on ‘Nanak – Love’ by simran in the sadh sangat.

In addition we must be deeply involved and absorbed in some dedicated syvw (work) ‘nanak Love’ as I am doing. This is essential to control & fruitfully engage our fickle & fidgety mind.

By the Grace of the Guru I have been practicing “Malice against none’& Love for all. This has widened my spiritual vision & I have developed Universal Love’.

This universal Love is drawing people – (even those who have never seen or met me) towards my soul with devotion – love and Faith.

This is the true, unseen sacred communion between souls- where spiritual lyvw dyvI takes place unconsciously and secretly.

You can hardly realise how much energy & time I have spent in writing this epistle in my overstrained condition in the hope that you may realise your degenerated condition and make Amends- even now!

If this my hard labour & feelings of good will can affect a turning point in your spiritual life we shall be very happy that my labours are worthwhile.

Do hope you all are enjoying the dedicated work in the love-service of nanak-mission.

With warmest nanak- Love to you from

Jaswant Singh and Charanjit kaur

NB- your mummy has copied this letter from my rough copy to save my further labour.

Hope you will be delighted to see your mummy’s beautiful writings on so many pages.

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